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CJ Horton

Software engineer and lifelong generalist. Automate the small stuff.


I have an unusual background for a developer. Or really for anyone. Some fun facts about me:

As a programmer, I've worked all across the stack, from fixing IE10 bugs in a React component library to tracking down race conditions in a Redis email queue to diagnosing problems with a git-based deploy tool for Kubernetes. I've also worked in a decent variety of languages and frameworks, but Ruby, Go, and Elixir will always have my heart.

I like making stuff and solving problems for the people around me. I care a lot about how my work fits into the bigger picture: is it reliable? is it secure? will it make users' and/or coworkers' lives a little better?

When not at my laptop, I'm usually walking in the woods, reading scifi, or submitting to the whims of my local feline overlord.