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CJ Horton

Software engineer and lifelong generalist. Automate the small stuff.


I'm a senior software engineer at HashiCorp, working on Terraform and Terraform Cloud. Previously, I was a software engineer at Revelry. I use they/them pronouns.

I tried my hand at a few other things before I found my way to programming: I have a music degree, spent a while doing freelance production work for the publishing industry, and at one point narrowly escaped becoming a public librarian.

I've worked all across the stack, from building complex interactive UIs to tracking down obscure data consistency issues between backend services to orchestrating the gradual rollout of a major framework upgrade. I value that broad experience because it means that I'm always improving my mental model of the system and how changes to one part might affect the whole.

When not at my laptop, I'm usually walking in the woods, reading scifi (the campier the better), or submitting to the whims of my local feline overlord.