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Even Easier Dark Mode for Slack

May 3rd, 2019 | CJ Horton

This post is out of date now that Slack offically has an actual dark mode for desktop. But I’m keeping it around so I don’t forget that time I wrote an entire bash CLI because I was tired of copying and pasting a code snippet.

If you’ve found this post, chances are you’ve already seen Hunter Chang’s post Easy Dark Mode for Slack. The solution described there works fine, but why manually copy and paste when you can automate?

This post will show you how to write a bash script to re-darken Slack on MacOS with a single command.

Rejoice: save your dark-mode-accustomed eyes from the stress of unnecessary light theme exposure. If you want the finished script and don’t care about how it works, skip to the end or check out the gist.

This is the beginning of a post that lives over on revelry.co. Read the rest.

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