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Rails HTML Email Development That Doesn't Suck

November 3rd, 2017 | CJ Horton

If you’ve worked with HTML emails, you know that they pose their own special challenges. Best practices for CSS in emails are different from best practices for modern web CSS. It’s tricky to preview changes, and testing on different email clients gets time consuming quickly.

But there’s a few tools and tricks you can use to set up an email development workflow that looks more like the front-end development workflow you’re used to. Read about them below, or skip straight to the example Rails app set up with all of these tools.

HTML Email Development using Premailer & Foundation

Many email clients ignore externally linked stylesheets, so your best bet for compatibility is pretending that it’s 1998 and writing all your styles inline. Premailer makes this process suck less by letting you write your styles as normal stylesheets, then compiling them into inline styles when the email is sent. Plus, it’s compatible with Less and Sass (through the Rails asset pipeline). This means you can keep the syntax you’re used to.

Email CSS has compatibility issues that are completely separate from the browser compatibility issues we all know and love. So, it’s nice to start out with a set of tried-and-tested style rules to prevent reinventing the wheel. Enter Foundation for Emails and Inky, a framework and templating language for writing great HTML emails.

This is the beginning of a post that lives over on revelry.co. Read the rest.

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