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CJ Horton

Software engineer and lifelong generalist. Automate the small stuff.

>> whoami

I have an unusual background for a developer. Or really for anyone. Some fun facts about me:

  • I've read Dante's Inferno in the original 14th century Italian
  • I once worked the night shift at a doggy daycare
  • I've performed with a professional symphony orchestra
  • I used to teach basic computer and web literacy ("This is a mouse. This is a cursor. This is a malicious spam ad, don't click that.") at a public library

As a programmer, I've worked all across the stack, from fixing IE10 bugs in a React component library to tracking down race conditions in a Redis email queue to diagnosing problems with a git-based deploy tool for Kubernetes. I've also worked in a decent variety of languages and frameworks, but Ruby, Elixir, Node, and React are my main jams.

I like making stuff and solving problems for the people around me. I care a lot about testing, UX and DX, and the history of computing and the tech industry (those who don't learn from history, etc, etc).

When not at my laptop, I'm usually reading scifi or submitting to the whims of Shuri, my local feline overlord.

>> projects

2018-present → coveralls-multi (githubrubygems)

A Ruby command line tool which makes it possible to use the popular Coveralls test coverage service with multi-language repos.

2018-present → scripts & dotfiles (scriptsdotfiles)

I like writing little CLI tools and scripts for things like managing my todo list and notes or hacking the MacOS Slack client to make it dark-themed.

2019 → oceanic page (githubsite)

A single-page dark themed site with color scheme based on the popular editor color scheme Oceanic Next -- aka this site's template.

2017 → legislately (githubsite)

A Rails and Angular application for finding and viewing your elected representatives' recent congressional voting activity.

2017 → flat-collab (github)

A Rails and jQuery application for Flatiron School students working on group projects.

2016 → jobby (github)

A Sinatra app to track job search activity.

2016 → what's on netflix (githubrubygems)

A very silly CLI that scrapes IMDB and whats-on-netflix.com so you don't have to leave your terminal to find out what you need to binge before it leaves Netflix.

2016 → toast quotes (githubrubygems)

An internet memorial to a now-defunct website.

>> writing

I write stuff sometimes. It's a fun look at what goes on in my brain (for a certain value of "fun," anyway).

A few recent posts:

06/21/19 → DRY Up Your Phoenix Controllers With Function Plugs

05/03/19 → Even Easier Dark Mode for Slack

02/15/19 → Spacecraft Driven Development

For more, check out the full list.

>> contact

The best way to reach me is at thecjhorton [at] gmail dot com. [Click here] to copy it to your clipboard. Copied!

I also hang out on Twitter if that's your thing.

Despite my best intentions, I probably won't respond to your Linkedin message.