CJ Horton

Software engineer and lifelong generalist. Automate the small stuff.

>> whoami

I have a bit of an unusual background for a developer. Some fun facts about me:

  • I have a music degree
  • I've taught tech literacy sessions at a public library
  • I used to supervise the night shift at a pet boarding facility
  • I ran a small business for several years cleaning up converted ebook files for small publishers

As a programmer, I've worked all across the stack, from fixing IE10 bugs in a React component library to tracking down race conditions in a Redis email queue. I've also worked in a decent variety of languages, but Ruby, Elixir, Node, and React are my main jams.

I care a lot about testing, UX for both developers and end users, and the history of computing and the tech industry (those who don't learn from history, etc, etc).

>> projects

Coveralls Multi (GithubRubyGems)

A Ruby command line tool which makes it possible to use the popular Coveralls test coverage service with multi-language repos.

What's On Netflix (GithubRubyGems)

A very silly CLI that scrapes IMDB and whats-on-netflix.com so you don't have to leave your terminal to find out what you need to binge before it leaves Netflix.

Script All The Things (Github)

I write a lot of little bash tools and scripts to automate things in my day to day, like hacking the MacOS Slack client to make it use dark mode or adding a co-author to a commit in Github, and I like to clean them up and share them.

>> writings

I blog in various places these days, so here's a few links to my favorites:

Spacecraft Driven Development (revelry.co)

Advanced Pair Programming (revelry.co)

Better HTML Emails in Rails (revelry.co)

Poetry for Developers (dev.to)

>> get in touch

The best way to reach me is at thecjhorton [at] gmail dot com. [Click here] to copy it to your clipboard. Copied!

I also hang out on Twitter if that's your thing.

Despite my best intentions, I probably won't respond to your Linkedin message.